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Oh, we do like to be beside the Sealside!

Just a short distance from Sea Palling, there is the largest grey seal breeding colony outside Scotland. The Friends of Horsey Seals (FoHS) can tell you about them here!

Horsey Gap and Waxham Beach are both excellent for seal spotting. The best time to see the Horsey seals is between November and January because that's the breeding period when you will see the parents with their pups. You can still see seals at other times - for example in March / -May they start to come ashore again for their annual moult - but otherwise, they are more likely to be bobbing in the sea than sunbathing on the beach.

There are FoHS wardens at Horsey Gap, who are there to protect the colony and to answer your questions. Dogs are welcome all year but must be kept on leads, and you and they must stay on the paths, so they don't harrass the seals, especially during the breeding season.

This map shows the beach is just over 1 mile from Dune Roamin' by road and this, from Tail End.

They're an amazing sight, as 100,000 fellow humans last year will attest. Enjoy them!

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