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Footpaths & Cycleways: The Weavers and Wherrymans' Ways


Both riding and walking routes are accessible but the Weavers' Way runs through Stalham, itself, and links many neighbouring villages with beautiful walks and rides.

This website has many useful details.

Sea Palling

The area is ideal for walking and cycling - it's mostly very flat which is great for your stamina and also for the 180 degree views you'll see en route through the fields! It's great to get out in the fresh air and take in the beauty and the unspoilt countryside - both on the beach and off it.


Here is our introductory guide to the best walking and cycling routes around Dune Roamin'.

Go here and also to: National Trail for many different walking and cycling routes around Peddars Way in Norfolk and try this one, for Sea Palling in particular, go here:


SEA PALLING CIRCULAR ROUTE  Length: 6 miles Surface: Moderate Difficulty: Easy With its offshore reefs and the small bays these have created, Sea Palling is unique on the Norfolk Coast. These sheltered inlets are the perfect place to pause and take in the atmosphere. At certain times of the year, you might see the occasional seal, or the silver flash of a low-flying flock of terns. Sea Palling beach can be a magical place.On the beach near North Gap, the walk passes the site of the medieval village of Eccles-Juxta-Mare, which was lost to coastal erosion in the late 16th century. In the past, shifting sands on the beach have revealed hidden archaeological treasures.The inland portion of this 6 mile walk is just as beautiful, with far reaching views across the northern area of the Norfolk Broads. The church of St Andrew's at Hempstead stands alone on its lane, with the thatched roof glimpsed through the trees as you approach. In late summer, the hedgerows around the church and those that line the local bridleways are rich with blackberries.


SEA PALLING TO HORSEY GAP:  A sheltered and peaceful walk, immersed in nature. This varied walk is good for bird watching and reptile spotting as well as offering far-reaching views inland and along the coast. Walk Route: Linear Access: Mostly flat, with sandy footpaths and rocks Miles: 3


SEA PALLING VILLAGE: Starting off at the small car park near the beach (directly in front of Dune Roamin'), this short, gentle walk covers most areas of this small seaside village, from the popular beach to the quiet fields and country lanes. It is the perfect short walk to experience the outstanding beauty of the countryside just a stone's throw from the sea. Written for Walkingworld by Joe Jackson Length:1.88 miles Surface:Moderate Difficulty:Very Easy



Length:3.44 miles Surface:Moderate Difficulty:Very Easy This is a lovely short walk starting off in the tiny village of Waxham with its 16th Century hall, great barn and partly ruined church. The route follows the beach to the next village of Sea Palling before returning along the road. From Dune Roamin' just do it backwards! Written for Walkingworld by Joe Jackson



Allow at least 3 hours for this 6.2 mile walk which takes you through a land of reed-fringed ditches, tree-lined farm tracks and winding country roads. The great variety of old wooden summer beach huts nestling at the base of sand dunes give an evocative reminder of the simple pleasures of a coast holiday. The walk finishes on a long stretch of beach. Although this is an easy, flat walk, the open landscape often has strong winds giving an added sense of exposure and that last beach section certainly makes your legs ache!


 These and many more GetOutside routes created by users here

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