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Winter Wonderland: North Sea Swimming Near Us

Who says swimming is just for summer? If you're feeling brave and ready to embrace the chill, there are still some fantastic spots for wild swimming near ​T​ail End and Dune Roamin' even in the winter and early Spring months​. I should know - I started in October 2023 and have swum every weekend since. The February / March sea is at approximately 5.5 degrees so it's not a very lengthy dip but it feels great and I have even been in with a seal bobbing off my starboard side :)

If you want to see me falling foul of a veritable tsunami, go here - ignore the Chicken of Bristol running away, keep your eyes on the sea!

Sea Palling Beach: ​Literally on Dune Roamin's doorstep (and only 4 miles from Tail End), Sea Palling Beach isn't just for summer sun-seekers. In the winter, the ​practically deserted shores take on a serene charm, perfect for a bracing swim. Just be sure to warm up with a hot drink afterward!

Waxham Beach: For those seeking a wilder winter swimming experience, Waxham Beach offers rugged beauty and invigorating sea swims. Feel the exhilaration of the icy waves crashing against you as you brave the winter waters.

Happisburgh Beach: Embrace the elements at Happisburgh Beach​ - the dramatic​ erosion of the cliffs ​i​s in stark contrast to the walled cliff face in next door's Cart Gap and the Happisburgh lighthouse provides the backdrop for an unforgettable winter swim.

Bacton Beach: Bacton Beach is a winter wonderland waiting to be explored. With its long sandy shores and rolling waves, it's the perfect spot for a brisk swim followed by a brisk walk to warm up afterward.

​And at Cart Gap, next to Happisburgh, at the weekends, there's even a sauna there - available for booking on - do tell them that you learnt about them from Norfolk Nooks.

So, if you're feeling brave and ready to embrace the magic of winter, why not give wild swimming near Stalham and Sea Palling a try? Just remember to take all necessary safety precautions, wear appropriate cold-water gear, and listen to your body. ​Enjoy!

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