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A Seally Big Surprise at Winterton!

OK, so we're used to going to Horsey Gap for our Grey Seal Fix, so we weren't expecting just how good an alternative Winterton would prove to be. We only went to check if it would be good for a wild swim. It wouldn't be - purely owing to the vast numbers of Mums and Pups littering the beach as far as the eye could see.

Take care. They can come up all the way into the dunes to wean so keep your dog on leads during pupping season. This is as close as we dared get, she started to sound very cross at this point so we backed off.

Afterward, we battled through the 100 yards of driving rain to Seal View Winterton, where Debbie and Andrew cook great veggieburgers and provided pulled pork for Flash and a roof over our heads in which to eat them.

There are public toilets here, and the parking costs £1.80 / hour or £7.70 / day.

The epic seal numbers are recorded, btw

Loved it :)

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